Welcome to OZFF Group Website

OZFF Group was formed in 2011 and is the official Danish division of World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF).

The purpose of this group is to manage and promote Flora Fauna Ham radio-activity in Denmark.

At the time We have 185 OZFF areas. Activation and Hunt is fun. QSO rate over 100 per hour is very normal.

We have a lot of protected areas in Denmark, who can get a OZFF number, if someone wants to activate them. Contact the OZFF Coordinator, if you want to know what is close to You or search the www.protectedplanet.net.

On this page you can find lots of information about Flora Fauna – Activation, where to find the OZFF areas, Hunting and Awards.

Everybody can Register this page and send Posts and get notification emails at new Posts. It´s free. Please use Callsign as minimum when You Register.

Help manual for Register – If more help is needed contact OZFF Group

On WWFF website you can also find lots of information and an Agenda with a list of upcoming activations. A special WWFF DX Cluster only with Flora Fauna spots, may also be found.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact OZFF Group.