OZFF New Year Hunt Result – Activator

Temporary result of the OZFF New Year Hunt 2018 – Activator.

One logs is not send at the time.

QSOs Call Ref
215 OZ7AEI/P OZFF-0165
159 OZ1CX/P OZFF-0029
155 OZ0JD/P OZFF-0076
106 OZ4WWFF/MM OZFF-0180
64 OZ1IIL/P OZFF-0179
56 OZ3FI/P OZFF-0133
22 OZ9V/P OZFF-0174

2 thoughts on “OZFF New Year Hunt Result – Activator

  1. A big thanks to all activators. I had big signals to northern DL from most stations I worked on 40m. Signals were a little bit lower on 80m. I heard none of you on 20m (which ist not astonishing). Unfortunately I did not manage to work OZ4WWFF/mm.

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