OZFF Activations

Information about the activation of Danish OZFF areas.

At OZFF Areas, You may find a Google Earth list with all danish Areas

At the Activation a few simple rules must be followed. You have to stay inside the area with all equipment. If you are lucky to have QTH in an area, it is also acceptable.

Before activation, it is a good idea to inform on this OZFF Facebook Group, WWFF Agenda or WWFF Facebook. Then all the Hunters the opportunity to have focus on you.

During activation a pile-up rate at more than 100 very normal. It depends of course of sunspots, time, band, mode. etc. Pile-up comes fast after a cluster spot.

OZFF Group recommends Activators using OZFF Logger, which is special designed for OZFF activations – Free Download.

After an Activation the Activator have to sent the log in ADIF format to the OZFF Coordinatoren. You must also send a small documentation. It can be a picture of a sign, or handhold GPS with the coordinats, etc.

If the log contains 44 QSOs or more, the Activator automatically get credit for WWFF and OZFF Activator Awards. These have to be requested at WWFF LogSearch.
Is it not possible to work 44 QSOer, you must also send the log. It is possible to come back and reactivate another day. Remember the Hunster still get kredits.

At anytime OZFF Group will recommend as many QSOer as possible. If you work on 20m + 40m and maybe 80m, all the Hunters in the EU + DX have a chance. 2 – 3 hours of Activation is recommended.

It is absolutly not the recommention of OZFF Group, that the Activator work 44 QSOer on a single band and continue activation from new. But in time pressure activation on a single band is better than no activity.

At some places You can be in 2 different OZFF areas at the same time. It is only allowed to activate one area at a time. But You can start in the first area with area for a while and the start a new log / activation with the other area.